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Knowledge and experience

For years, Alna Business Solutions has been specialising in completing international ERP and roll-out projects based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, meeting the needs of companies with international subsidiaries. Extensive experience gained during over 70 international implementations in 30 countries around the world has allowed us to create a unique methodology for international ERP projects. Successful implementation of this type of project requires unique knowledge and experience, different than standard ERP implementations. Our specialists know the nature of these projects perfectly well and work with our Clients to achieve their business goals and competitive advantage.

Projekty międzynarodowe Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Implementation of Polish localisation

In order for the system to comply with Polish fiscal regulations, we need to implement it correctly. An important element of a roll-out implementation is localisation deployment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The Polish localisation is one of the most complicated in Europe, which can be seen in the number of new and modified standard objects, i.e. tables, templates, etc. It results for the most part from the complicated VAT register configurations, invoice adjustment transactions or SAF-T reporting system.

The main modifications of a standard Dynamics NAV functionality merged to Polish localisation concern:

  • General ledger
  • VAT calculation method
  • Cash management
  • E-banking
  • Receivables and payables management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Stock management
  • Reporting
  • SAF-T

This is why while planning a roll-out implementation in Poland, we need to consider merge of objects from the Polish localisation and objects included in CORE Dynamics NAV. Additionally, apart from programming services, we need to remember about localisation setup according to current fiscal requirement. Experience shows that merging all the localisation objects with CORE is more effective than choosing only selected functionality groups (object groups) and only then merging them with CORE.

Get ready to international EPR implementation

Currently, most international companies are interested in one type of implementation, consisting mostly in creating a business model, the so-called CORE (global template), and completing a roll-out implementation, and in some cases also performing an upgrade, or perfecting a chosen group of system functionalities. Through a successful ERP implementation, enterprises can increase the effectiveness of their management and decrease their costs, thus achieving a competitive advantage, draw more benefits from their operational activities and fulfil their business goals.

Projekty międzynarodowe Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Experienced specialists of international Microsoft Dynamics NAV projects

Companies with international subsidiaries or looking to expand abroad should design a coherent strategy for implementation and development of an ERP system. The experience and extensive knowledge of Alna Business Solutions specialists regarding the possibilities and threats linked to roll-out projects can successfully support you in this area.

International roll-out implementations of ERP

A roll-out ERP project is an implementation on the basis of a group business model (CORE, gold template) already designed in the system, which will function in the parent company and its subsidiaries. A designed CORE should comply with the numerous requirements of the parent company. Such “model solution” can be then transferred to other Group subsidiaries and adjusted to fiscal regulations in a given country.

Projekty międzynarodowe Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business model (CORE) can contain:

  • Course of individual business processes for the Group,
  • Standard functionality package of a system, where all the selected functionalities for the Group have been standardised,
  • Individual functionalities beyond a standard system, e.g. interface with external systems, an established document flow linked to quality management, etc.,
  • Document flow and consolidated reports presenting measures of business process effectiveness,
  • Implementation methodology for roll-out projects,
  • Project documentation describing functionalities in a business model (CORE),
  • Good business practice linked to system development, e.g. “change request”, a procedure ordering implementation of new system functionalities initiated by the Groups’ subsidiaries,
  • Other business elements (basic and operational data, permissions management, organisational structures, etc.).

It is worth noting that very few companies implementing ERP systems specialise in these type of projects, have the right experience, use tested project methodology and are ready to successfully implement international roll-out projects.

Alna’s international project experience






Years of experience

Services offered as part of international implementations


Management and roll-out implementation

Business model (CORE) compliance

Ensuring the compliance of the business model (CORE-Global template) with fiscal requirements of a given country (localisation)

Full and partial services

Providing complex services or chosen range of implementation work

Business model (CORE) services

Creation, modification and development of CORE (Global template) business model


Implementation of functionalities for consolidation and group account plan


Correct implementation of standardised Group reporting

Functional development

Upgrading and enhancing chosen functionalities

Help-desk and support

The best help-desk service and software development in Poland (with 3 levels of support)

Services for many countries

Implementation of international projects for over 42 countries around the world.

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Benefits of a roll-out project

Introducing good management practice

Introducing good management practice tested in other countries and included in the business model (CORE).

Data credibility

One system, one format of data exchange between solutions in different countries/subsidiaries. Consistent numbering and coherent work environment.

Group reporting

A uniform and simplified system of data reporting, the same in the whole Group. Consolidation and group account plan.

Decreasing the costs

An adequately planned and completed implementation, following best practice, decreases the costs of implementation, later system upgrades and maintenance. The global cost of maintaining a uniform system in different countries is lower (thanks to ready-made solutions) than if each subsidiary used a different system.

Standardised and effective management

Standardisation of processes and procedures in all the areas of the Group. Access to the operations of international subsidiaries and adequate control over them. Simple and fast implementations in subsidiaries, as well as easier and cheaper changes to Group processes.

Compliance with local fiscal regulations in 42 countries

Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can be used in over 42 countries around the world thanks to its compliance with local fiscal laws, as well as its multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

The result of a roll-out implementation is a system complying with corporate and local requirements in a given country, flexibly adjusting to changes, cheaper to use, helping users in their everyday work and providing corporations with up-to-date and valuable reports.

Would you like to complete a successful international Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation?

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