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Jet Reports is a solution package for reporting and business analytics enabling Microsoft Dynamics users to easily analyse data in a clear format.

Using Microsoft Excel tools effectively for everyday work, Jet Reports are perfect solutions for Microsoft Dynamics users. It is the most popular reporting tool for Dynamics.

Jet Reports – global experience

The most popular reporting solution for Dynamics







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Jet Professional – reporting


A solution based on Microsoft Excel allows users to create full operational reports for multiple companies, also using multiple data bases.

JJet Professional integrates data from Microsoft Dynamics in real time, processing it into dedicated reports in Microsoft Excel. All the data that you need – exactly how you want it, in one familiar tool. No exporting, no copying and pasting, no coding. Only precise, accessible reports for Excel users.


Jet Professional features

All in Excel

Jet Professional works in Excel. It processes data in real time, refreshing it with a single click of a button. You don’t have to create new reports every month or quarter – all you need to do is click “refresh” and send the report.

You can also use visualisation tools to create an engaging presentation of your data. It’s time to support your company’s work with the creation of gripping reports!


Jet uses an efficient technology for reporting automation. Jet Scheduler creates a schedule for sending reports at regular intervals and automatically delivers them. All you need to do is set up filters allowing for customised results, save your scheduled tasks and the reports will be generated automatically! Jet Scheduler does not only create reports, it will also automatically sends them in an email to chosen recipients. The option to automatically generate and send reports allows you to save a considerable amount of time on your key reports.

Reduction of reporting time and cost

You don’t have to wait for consultants or engage resources dedicated to IT departments to create reports that you need. With Jet Professional there is no complicated software or skills required, so you and your team can get data and create or modify reports by yourselves.

Only credible data

Your data should not pile up. With complete report management, report automation, as well as collaboration and publishing platform, you and your team will never have to second guess if you have the right information.

Jet Enterprise – business analytics

A complex Business Intelligence (BI) solution covering data warehouse, set of pre-built cubes and a platform for data warehouse automation. Jet Enterprise enables every user within the organisation to analyse the collected information immediately, without the necessity to understand the structure of the database.

JJet Enterprise is a tool for business analytics and reporting designed to meet the unique needs of Microsoft Dynamics users. It is now possible to collect all the information in one place and enable all the users within the organisation to carry out complex business analyses, no matter where they are. The users will be able to make the right decisions more quickly, using any chosen device.


Use analytical tools easily

Use Jet Enterprise tool to drag and drop data from NAV system, and then easily analyse and create analytical dashboards in Excel. Or create SQL-based reports inside the company’s NAV environment, using objects. Perfect adjustment of Dynamics NAV system means that users without technical skills have access to tools allowing them to easily identify trends and detect possible problems.

Jet Enterprise features

Low maintenance cost:

The installation of Jet Enterprise is very fast, and the technical support cost very limited, as there is no need for programming during implementation. Jet Enterprise tool has been designed with intuitive use in mind, and the need to organise trainings is limited to minimum.

Only correct data:

Thanks to Jet Enterprise you will avoid data discrepancy. Implementing a coherent data collection method, containing historical data and supporting many data sources, guarantees that everyone uses the same correct information to launch their reports. Only credible data that everyone in the company can trust.

For business users:

Transform your data into valuable information with visually attractive dashboards and reports that can be designed in Excel or Microsoft Power BI environment. Identify trends quickly, detect problems and anomalies.

Data consolidation:

You will easily obtain and synchronise data from sources such as ERP systems, CRM applications, SQL data bases, spreadsheets, regular text files and others.

Jet Mobile:

More possibilities for mobile employees. With Jet Mobile on your tablet, you can access the business data you need in just a few seconds. You have direct access to dashboards allowing you to recognise trends, detect anomalies, solve problems and make decisions based on the data when you need it and where you need it.

Fast return on investment (ROI):

Jet Enterprise is a complete, automated data warehouse and an adjusted BI platform which is 5 times faster than manual programming; moreover, it offers limitless access to users, which lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Jet Express

Jet Express allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV users to create business requests, financial and ad-hoc reports in Excel easily and without any extra licence costs


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