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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible platform of integrated services, providing all the components enabling IT developers and specialists to swiftly create, implement and manage cloud solutions.

Azure Cloud offers a wide range of application, computing, warehouse and network services. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, Azure allows users to create backup copies, deploy virtual machines, SQL databases, etc., without the worry of failures in old equipment or software.

Windows Azure

For an ERP implementation

Azure can be an excellent platform dedicated to ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation (also in many divisions located in different countries) or other business solutions.

It enables users to create applications, using any language, tool or environment. It also allows for the integration of public cloud applications with the existing IT environment.

Always close to the Client

he Azure Platform is based on the growing global network of data centres managed by Microsoft in several dozen regions worldwide. Thanks to this, it is possible to launch applications while ensuring consistently high efficiency. You can choose a data centre and region that fits you and your clients, in every time zone in the world.

Windows Azure

Advantages of Microsoft Azure Cloud


We know it is hard to predict how advanced an infrastructure you will manage in the future, which is why you only pay for your real usage of Azure, currently calculated by the minute. Additionally, the prices on offer are highly competitive, which is why popular services, such as computing power and capacity, will always be offered at the best price for the highest possible efficiency.

Always available and reliable

Azure offers access to all the services, devices and applications without the concern for interruptions in availability. Its SLA agreement offers service performance at a level of 99.95%, constant monitoring of service quality and 24h technical help. This is why 57% of companies from the Fortune 500 list rely on the Azure platform today.

Flexible and open

Azure serves every operating system, language, tool and structure – from Windows to Linux, from SQL Server to Oracle, from the C# language to Java. It brings what is best of Windows and Linux ecosystems to within your reach, so you can create excellent applications and services that work on every device.


Azure can be quickly scaled up and down, according to your requirements, while only paying for its real usage. Per-minute billing guarantees that you only pay for what you use. Additionally, you get competitive prices for popular infrastructure services (capacity, computing power, warehouse, etc.)


Azure Platform has been deemed the most trusted cloud for US government institutions. Microsoft Azure replicates data in several different data centres, using highly advanced security. Thanks to this system, we can access our data in only minutes after a crash. The selection of Azure by the Polish Ministry of Finance, which uses it for data encryption for one of the stages of the Uniform Control File service, confirms its security levels.

This choice is no surprise – companies that have the right level of finances and competence to cope with security implementation on an equally high level are few and far between.

Ready for hybrid solutions

The cloud, based on hybrid solutions and tested by companies, gives you the benefit of using both local resources and the public cloud. Azure platform makes it more efficient and economical to store and retrieve data, and create backup copies. It is easier to create applications that tap both into the local resources and the cloud, without imposing the choice between one or the other.

Business advantages of Microsoft Azure:


  • No need to invest in expensive infrastructure
  • You only pay for the resources you have used
  • You save the time of your IT employees and save money on depreciation, electricity, etc.
  • Capex (capital expenditure) changes into Opex (operational expenditure), making implementing new projects easier


  • Possibility of almost instant resource deployment
  • No need to worry about a sudden increase in traffic
  • You can access the application anywhere
  • You lower the risk of entering and exiting a given project


  • Azure resources protect you against fires, floods and other natural disasters
  • Azure cloud is the ultimate protection for your data
  • Best security against cyberattacks
  • Fast and complete backup

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