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2022 - 07 - 13

Bartosz Wachnik

2021 - 07 - 08

Paweł Siwicki

2021 - 06 - 21

Paweł Siwicki

2021 - 06 - 14

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Are interested in chatbot development on Azure?

Bartosz Wachnik

Chatbot is a tool which simulates human conversation. Users communicate with chatbot via few channels like: Facebook, Teams, Web page, Skype.

The possibility of using bots integrated with Dynamics 365 BC / NAV

Bartosz Wachnik

The Azure platform allows you to launch a bot that can perform certain actions instead of a human.

Digital service of accounting documents for Dynamics NAV / BC

#Document Capture
Aleksandra Krupa

The perfect solution for a pandemic time.

The project of implementing ERP system during the coronavirus?

#ERP system
Bartosz Wachnik

It takes 3-4 weeks of isolation during which business practices in almost all areas had to be adapted to the new situation. We are preparing for a marathon, which will probably last 2-4 months, and crawling maybe a year or two. From my perspective, these 3-4 weeks is a time of observation and development of new methods and techniques that are to serve the clients of IT systems supporting management.

Unlimited analytical service - Azure Synapse

Aleksandra Krupa

In the era of continuous data growth, tools are needed to meet the requirements of users. These requirements relate to the collection and analysis of data - such activities enable the acquisition of valuable information affecting strategic decisions.