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Professional consulting services in the ERP area


ERP implementation projects are very often unsuccessful. In many cases, the results of implementing a new tool are not sufficient and the project goals have not been achieved. The choice of an integrated ERP solution and different investment scenarios should be based on professional evaluation – reflecting the company’s actual needs and situation. Alna Business Solutions supports clients through professional consulting services dedicated to ERP systems.
The scope of ERP consulting and project management

The scope of ERP consulting and project management

Organization of an ERP tender
  • Collecting functional and technological requirements for ERP
  • Preparing specifications for functional and technological requirements
  • Organizing a tender employing an established methodology
  • Analyzing and evaluating offers, particularly in the light of the available benchmark information
  • Support in designing and negotiating project and licence purchase agreements
  • Solution recommendation

Planning and completion of an ERP implementation
  • Support in defining project goals and developing a profitability analysis (ROI) of an ERP
  • Estimating the TCO of an ERP in the period of 4-5 years
  • Coordinating the selection of Client’s project group
  • Evaluating the qualifications of supplier’s project group members
  • Evaluating the correctness of project task completion by the supplier
  • Implementing an effective risk management policy as an element of project management
  • Project management and change management


Help in planning and providing post-implementation services
  • Performing an analysis and evaluation of the completed ERP implementation
  • Support in preparing a profitability (ROI) analysis of an ERP system investment – ex-post
  • Preparing a specification of requirements concerning supplier’s post-implementation services
  • Organizing a tender for post-implementation services employing an established methodology
  • Analyzing and evaluating offers in light of the available benchmark information.
  • Support in negotiating post-implementation services (SLA)
  • Support in preparing a post-implementation services agreement

Support in analyzing problematic ERP implementations
  • Analyzing the course of the project and providing a recommendation concerning the method and time of terminating the cooperation between the client and the supplier
  • Supporting the client in defining the causes of an unsuccessful project
  • Help in terms of planning and implementing ERP systems as part of project re-implementation (repair)

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