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For many years Alna Business Solutions has been specializing in the implementation of international ERP projects and roll-out type projects based on Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV, meeting the needs of companies with foreign branches. Our extensive experience helped us create a unique methodology dedicated to implementation of international ERP projects. Effective implementation of such projects requires specific knowledge and experience, different from a standard ERP implementation. Our specialists have excellent knowledge of such projects, aiming to achieve the Client’s business objectives and competitive advantage together with the Client.

The implementation of the localization in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system constitutes an important element of a roll-out implementation.

Services offered during the implementation of international projects

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Management and execution of a roll-out type implementation.

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Compliance of a business model (CORE)

Ensuring compliance of the business model (CORE- Global template) with fiscal requirements of the given country (localization).

Services for the business model (CORE)

Creation, modification and development of the CORE business model (Global template).


Implementation of functionalities for the performance of consolidation and a group chart of accounts for selected functionalities.

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Appropriate implementation of standardized reporting in the Group.

Functional development

Upgrades, development and improvement.

Help-desk and support

Best help-desk support and software development services in Poland (3 levels of support)

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Full or partial services

Implementation of comprehensive services or selected scope of implementation work

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Services for many countries

Implementation of international projects for over 42 countries.

Benefits from performance of a roll-out type project

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Introduction of good management practices

Introduction of good management practices tested in other countries and taken into consideration in the business model (CORE).

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Data credibility

One system, one format of data exchange between solutions in different countries/branches. Cohesive numbering and work environment.

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Reporting in the Group

Uniform and simplified system for data reporting, the same in the entire Group. Consolidation and group chart of accounts.

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Cost reduction

Through an appropriately completed implementation in accordance with the best practices, costs of implementation, later upgrade and system maintenance are reduced. The global cost of maintenance of a uniform system in several countries is lower (thanks to the use of ready-made solutions) than where each branch uses a different system.

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Standardised and efficient management

Standardisation of processes and procedures in all areas in the Group. Insight into activities of foreign branches and appropriate control over them. Easy and quick implementation of subsequent companies as well as quicker and cheaper introduction of changes in processes in the Group.

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Compliance with local fiscal regulations in 42 countries

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central may be used in over 42 countries worldwide thanks to its compliance with local fiscal regulations, multiple currencies and multiple languages.

The effect of a roll-out type implementation is a system compliant with corporate and local requirements in the given country, flexibly adapted to changes, cheaper to operate, helping users in their everyday work, and providing the corporation with valuable reports on an ongoing basis.

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